Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Sharing your Tree

In this article we have covered how you can be sharing your tree, If you need more assistance on it you can call our family tree maker help number +1-888-299-3207

To get a family tree maker, your loved ones, they would have their own parentage account. They can make a record by tapping on the connection on welcome email that they get when you share your tree with them.

Steps for sharing your family tree?

  • From any page on Ancestry, tap the Trees tab and pick a tree.
  • From your Tree, tap the Tree name menu in the upper left corner and select Sharing.
  • To enter the beneficiary’s email address, click Email; if you have just their username, click Username.
  • The welcome will be conveyed by means of email whether you enter the beneficiary’s email address or username.
  • Enter the beneficiary’s email address or username into the field.
  • Invite numerous individuals on the double by tapping the green Add another email/client catch.
  • Choose which job you need the individual to have.


  • Guests can view and add remarks to a family tree. Visitors can’t consequently see living individuals.
  • Contributors can view and include remarks, photographs and stories to a family tree. They can’t evacuate content or alter existing tree substance, and they can’t consequently see living individuals.
  •  Editors can view and include individuals, records, remarks, photographs, and stories to a family tree. They can likewise evacuate and alter existing substance. Editors can naturally see living individuals.
  • Click the Include an individual message field on the privilege to include a message.
  • To send the welcome, click Send Invites.
  • The beneficiary will get an email with the subject “Come see our family tree on Ancestry.” If they have an Ancestry account and are signed in to it, the connection in the welcome will take them to your tree. On the off chance that they are not signed in to a record, the connection will take them to a free record creation page.
  • Once your welcome has been acknowledged, your tree will show up on the Trees drop-down menu in the beneficiary’s record.
  • if this information doesn’t work for you then, You should call Family Tree Maker support number +1-888-299-3207 or family tree maker support for more information please visit
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