Sunday, February 16, 2020

Procedure for getting ready for FamilySync

If you are looking out on how to use the FamilySync feature, and you have no clue how it works. Then here you will find your relevant queries answered. You’ve just got to read along with this blog and follow as you are guided. Please find an image below as it will be easier to follow the process. So let us begin.

How to get yourself ready for FamilySync?

Procedure for getting ready for FamilySync
 The only thing that will change here is that you would require getting used to using the FamilySync instead of using the TreeSync. Adapting to this means that you will not need to break the links like before. This is so because now every Ancestry tree can link to a multiple FTM tress. Therefore now it is not necessary to break an old to be able to download a tree to a new computer. The FamilySync will sync any changes that you make to an Ancestry tree. And no matter what device you do it from.

Example of the same:

 If you would like to install FTM 2017 on a new computer, you may go to break the old link and then download a new copy, right? However, you need not do that anymore. You just got to make a Backup on your old computer, then transfer to the new computer using a flash drive. Then go to restore it from there.  Both Tree will be linked to ancestry. This way you will save a lot of time on the uploading and downloading procedure. You’ve only got to get yourself used to it. This is how FamilySync is; you have ‘Three computers, One Ancestry tree,’ and no problem at all. See how this works:  Below is an image of how the FamilySync features work.
 If you are not sure how to get a manual backup done on your FTM, then you have an option. You got to take help from this link provided here ‘How to compact and back up a linked tree.’
 The link will provide you with easy to follow instructions. And this way you will be able to get a backup ready for your use on multi-computer sync.


We just hope that the information given is helpful and reliable to get you started on your own. And if you face any issues or have some other queries then, feel free to contact Family Tree Maker Support Number. The techs will be there right at your service within the least time possible.

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