Friday, January 31, 2020

Family Tree Maker User :- How to access Old Files.


I have several old versions of my ancestral trees dating back to the late 1400s of over 3000 people, which I can't open in current operating systems. I have never learned to convert them to Gedom(sp?) and have no support.

So this is my question: will Family Tree maker open up and retain all this work done by an older relative who left it to me, and me???

If it can't be saved, then it's going to be lost for good, which seems shame.

And the Good News is, all previous versions of FTM will be opened by Family Tree Maker 2019.

And, if you don't know where those files are, the New, Tree Browser will find them for you on your computer.

have posted blog on that one.

And, the Tree Browser can locate files attached to your device on any external hard drive.
The one that is high lighted in on an external drive and for 5 years haven't touched on it.

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